InterSquad presents Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking Training

InterSquad is the world's first cyber security consortium dedicated to safeguard industry's critical security vulnerabilities along with preventing cyber attacks and cyber terrorism in the most unified manner.
Our entire syllabus has been designed under the guidance of Mr. Vaibhav Jha.


1. Introduction of Ethical Hacking
2. Information Gathering , Footprinting and Reconnaissance
3. Overview of Cyber Law
4. Basics of Networking and Web Technologies
5. Vulnerability Analysis
6. Malware Threats
7. Malware Analysis
8. Social Engineering
9. Denial-of-Service
10. Session Hijacking
11. Evading IDS

12.Firewalls and Honeypots
13. Hacking Web Servers
14. Hacking Web Applications
15. SQL Injection
16. Hacking Wireless Networks
17. Hacking Mobile Platforms
18. IoT Hacking
19. Cloud Computing
20. Cryptography
21. SOC & SIEM Analysis
22. WiFi Hacking and Security
23. Google Hacking Database
24. Steganography

Register Today

Gear up and get ready to be the next cyber security expert by becoming a certified professional. This will be the complete 40 hrs training. Registrations will be on first come and first serve basis. So hurry-up and register yourself as soon as possible.

Total Seats available = 20

Fees :
For Students = 7999 INR
For working professionals = 9999 INR

Benefits & Perks
Certificate from Intersquad Cyber Intelligence.
Internship opportunity right away from Intersquad.
All Tools for hacking ( Offensive & Defensive )

All training will be held in Noida. Some students will get opportunity to work on Government Project along with professionals of Intersquad. To register one must have their respective ID's with them. All the information will be given via mail and SMS.